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DNS Monster

So. For a few reasons, I have been moving my websites and domains off to hostmonster: a) free transfer + renewal; b) registerfly has been sucking, and some of my domains got caught in the registerfly/enom.com fiasco, and I really just want to get them the hell out, c) hostmonster has ssh, php, mysql, ruby on rails - pretty much anything I ever wanted to tinker with, d) I can stick however many domains on my account that I want to.

The downside: CPanel, and DNS manipulation. I am used to having my hands right on the DNS records - with CPanel, not only can I not touch the records, but in certain cases, they have rules (either self imposed or imposed by CPanel's Web Host Manager thing) that just plain prevent me from doing what I want. I hate not being able to do what I want. (whine whine whine).

But look what I found: EditDNS.net - A DNS provider of free web hosting and a bunch of other goodies. They thrive on donations of course, but still... worth a try, I think.