DIY dice cauldron

Not alot of description around this one. Let's just say it's .. crochet engineering? I don't know. I was practicing crocheting circles as the base for baskets, and the pattern I was following, if you held it up to the light, had this nice convenient kind of spiral place where you could totally add a chain…

And things kind of grew from there.

The cauldron in progress




D&D and Metrics: an unexpected journey

I was asked, based solely on the abstract for my 2020 DevNexus talk, if I would be interested in writing an article on the topic. I agreed. The resulting article was published in Germina, in the September 2020 issue of Java Magazin, with “Dungeons & Dragons” as the title. I have a lovely hard-copy in my office.

The English version was first published at JAXenter as “Monsters in combat: exploring application metrics with D&D”.

I hope you enjoy it.