Gentoo on a T23

Audio: Intel i810,
Alsa snd-intel8×0

Video: S3 Savage IX , Sample XF86Config

Just about everything: IBM 82801CAM chipsets

Update: Sept 20, 2003

First weird thing, I’m dual booting this machine right now, between my previous Mandrake install, and this new-fangled gentoo thing. And the System.Map generated by the gentoo system led to REALLY odd video behavior when I later went to build either version.. (now that I think about it, that was with the r6 kernel – should try the new generated by the r7 kernel..) .. I relinked to the used by Mandrake, and everything was happy – for either kernel.. whatever.

Found this link – while it’s for a Sony Vaio, it’s also for the exact same intel do-everything chip that I’ve got in my T23. Some of the pieces, notably the PCMCIA and APM stuff, doesn’t apply to the T23.

Also this link for a T23 and Debian which was the most helpful (KISS rule does seem to apply in this case).

**GAH!!!! *** I got network working, and I’ve no idea how.

I enabled PCMCIA and Cardbus support in the kernel, made APM a module, enabled ACPI, made sure the EEPRO100 and E100 drivers were built as modules, along with some of the Wireless PCMCIA drivers (I have an Orinoco Wireless PCMCIA card).

Also updated sys-apps/baselayout, and some other things from the CD version, perhaps some of those updates helped…