Crib notes: Docker on OSX

Of course I'm messing with Docker (isn't everyone)? But as most people using OS X are discovering, there are some hiccups. Here are some notes for myself (and perhaps for others) about what is required to make docker work well on OS X:

  • How to Use Docker on OS X: The Missing Guide
    • Most helpful (and a simultaneous ‘duh' moment) was his reminder: boot2docker is the host image for docker on OS X, so when docker maps ports, it maps them to boot2docker, and not to OS X itself. So there are some extra things that need to be done to make that work. He has lots of useful suggestions.
  • I also use AnyConnect, which introduces it's own fun, as it likes to rewrite the routing table for giggles. I am thankfully not the only one with this problem. So there were good things to be gleaned here, too.