Trying to tell the human story...

Writing is always hard. Writing technical stuff is hard. Writing technical stuff that doesn't sound like it is a regurgitated text book… sigh

I've been leading a team working on or with Microservices at IBM (lots of people everywhere are doing things with microservices, this should come as no surprise). We've been specifically looking at how to modernize an existing Java EE application. There are articles about this, but they are all formal, and (to me) preachy.

We're doing the experiment live, so to speak. Taking the crufty Plants By WebSphere application and pulling it apart bit by bit. Our aim is to make sure you have a functional application at all times, and to frankly just share our thoughts as we try it.

Note: Sadly, all of the content we created was retired and archived when Liberty moved to its new home. It happens.