QCon SF 2016: Microservices and Sticky Notes, Game On!

This was an after hours session, served up alongside food and drinks.

Attendees sat around big tables, laden with sticky notes, and were encouraged to brainstorm what a room for a text-based adventure game could be (without coding it, in this case). The intent was to mentally walk people through the problems where they usually get stuck if they are used to monolithic/traditional deployment environments, and then talk with their neighbors or ask questons for how to overcome problems as we get there.

I know some did want to have the laptops out, but with food and drink, I thought it best if we stick with sticky notes and talking. ;)

On a personal note, this session was fun and collaborative, but really really difficult to run: it was election night, on the west coast, and the results had started coming in. I was a mess… afterwards.