From then to now.. blogs over 12 years

Yes, I confess, I did .. umm.. censor my blogs over the years. When facebook arrived, blog posts about nasty headaches and reactions to the latest headlines could all go away. The exodus of content continued with the advent of Twitter. Which left this blog, which I’ve tended on and off for close to 14 years, in the lurch!

There is also the small matter of how much time I have to spend on blog posts between work, kids, and this mammoth garden we have going in the back yard. The mammoth garden is totally my fault, we started it as an excuse to get me outside. It worked.

However, it has become obvious that a return to blogging is overdue. To start with, Game On! needed a blog! We kept having little tidbits to share, that needed a home. I made an initial foray into creating a blog with Jekyll to build a new blog for Game On!. I kind of liked how that worked, AND it meant I could stop having to edit posts via the web, and so I’ve now brought that to my own blog, too.

Next post: the jekyll stuff.