JavaOne 2017: Introduction to Reactive Systems

A Joint adventure with Lightbend, we lead folks in the workshop through a specialized version of our Game On! Text Adventure..

IBM and Lightbend are teaming up to introduce you to developing reactive microservices on Kubernetes. Lagom is a microservice framework built atop Lightbend’s tried-and-proven distributed systems toolkit, Akka. This framework helps you build microservices as systems—reactive systems, to be precise—so that your microservices are elastic and resilient by nature. The reactive programming model aims to ensure systems availability and performance while processing streaming data. You will use Lagom’s development environment to avoid tedious setup and scripting when developing locally and will deploy your application to a Kubernetes cluster, so others in the workshop (and at JavaOne) can test out what you built.

Slides: Why Reactive? With GameOn