Java EE ebullience — podcast with Adam Bien

I spent an excellent few hours recording a podcast with Adam Bien.

CORBA? OpenLiberty? Robots? The glory days of object marshaling? Such a trip down memory lane! We could easily have talked for another hour.

Can you hear my rings clinking on my favorite mug? Yes, yes you can.

Give it a listen:


  • Schnabel, E. (2017, November 26). Java EE ebullience (A. Bien, Interviewer) [Podcast]. In (No. 3). podcast with Adam Bien.

A conversation with Erin Schnabel (@ebullientworks, about: the beginnings of Java, robots, CORBA, RMI, WebSphere, OpenLiberty, Services, Java EE, WebSockets, Cloud Native, Microservices, GameOn Productivity and the 10 years cycle.