MicroProfile Metrics, Micrometer and Quarkus — podcast with Adam Bien

I thoroughly enjoy talking with Adam. We sat down awhile ago to talk about metrics: who needs them, what they are for.. and some other things.


  • Schnabel, E. (2021, May 12). MicroProfile Metrics, Micrometer and Quarkus (A. Bien, Interviewer) [Podcast]. In (No. 140).

An conversation with Erin Schnabel (@ebullientworks) about
switching from IBM to Red Hat, the great ThinkPad 31p, gentoo linux on Dell laptop, Dell vs. Alienware, working on quarkus, the Q quarkus issue, Quarkus, Health, Metrics,OpenAPI: Moved Permanently (301), OpenLiberty, Quarkus and the non-application namespace, Thinkpad with Windows Vista and an Apple sticker, Erin Schnabel-Metrics for the win! conference, micrometer comes with support for Datadog metrics and other non-prometheus, prometheus as integration point, the relation between Microprofile Metrics and micrometer, OpenTracing, OpenCensus and OpenTelemetry, Quarkus and MicroProfile
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