Obsidian.md plugin: Task Collector

I’ve had a lovely time working with Obsidian.md. Some day I will have to do a proper write-up of how I’m using it to organize my brain.

The TL;DR version is that I had a mental log-jam in March, when the kids finished their first D&D campaign while I was also in the middle of starting some new things for the day job. I made a vault for D&D, and dumped ALL of the stuff there (removing it from the scattering of notes I had in places, and netting out all the relationships I kind of had just lying around in my head). I made another vault for the rest of what is in my brain, and that is proceeding at a slower pace.

In any event, the way things have evolved, I needed a plugin that did something a little differently for tasks associated with a project, so I created the Task Collector plugin.

The plugin is focused: it can Complete, Cancel, or Reset one task, a selection of tasks, or all of the tasks in a document. There is an additional command that can move all completed (or cancelled) tasks into a completed area. It is somewhat search/replace-y, as it is very much focused on pattern matching, but it can also append a “done on” kind of date, and strip tags from the task text, e.g. if you use tags for priority or do-this-next that you don’t need anymore.

I enjoyed creating it. ;)