QCon Plus: The mechanics of metrics

Speaking at the QCon Plus virtual conference was a nice experience. Each track had an ad-hoc meeting room that you could join after the session, which was really cool. It was nice to be able to speak with people that watched my talk directly. It brought back a bit of the in-person conference feel.

Of course the first question was “Which edition of D&D?” (5e), what I didn’t expect was the next question, “Is that the new Sesame Street Lego set?” (yes).

The recording will be generally available in August of 2022!

The most efficient way to observe application behavior relies on metrics, key/value pairs of numerical data. Capturing and processing metrics can help you identify and respond to potential issues before they escalate and cause more serious problems. But what should you measure? What do those measurements really mean? Attendees will leave the talk with an understanding of how application metrics align with other observability and monitoring methods, from profiling to tracing. We’ll also look at the limits of aggregation when working with dimensional metrics, and why your pretty dashboards might be lying to you.