Happy Solstice!

The longest night of the year has come.. the shortest day of the year is done, and I... well.

So there was this box. It got shipped here a little while ago. It's large, squarish, and only about a foot and a half deep. It's been sitting in the dining room by the skimpily ornamented Norfolk pine and the tiny Meyer lemon tree (which is just beside itself with lemons on the make, but that's another story).

Chris was very careful that I not see anything about it (I also was honest and didn't go looking.. I mean, what's the fun of that?), but he has asked me to guess what it was.. "A spare tire", "A wall-hanging jewelry closet", "A mirror"... The closest I could come (and I didn't think I had a chance in hell of it being so) was a big beautiful LCD monitor to replace the monstrosity on my desk downstairs.

And Lo! it was a big beautiful LCD monitor.. complete with a bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse. My husband, that wonderful man, gifted me an iMac.