CodeOne 2019: Overcoming Obstacles: Streamline Your Move to the Cloud

JavaOne is gone, CodeOne is here, and IBM attended to represent a new collection of open source projects attempting to aid companies adopt cloud native development.

In an interview with Luke Shantz, I described what role I felt Appsody played in the Cloud-native development game, including how it could make developer's lives easier.

Edit: Not all of the tech we brought to CodeOne in 2019 lived for very long, but some of it did address real issues, and I imagine we'll see it creep back in via other methods.

Overcoming Obstacles: Using Next-Gen Tools to Streamline Your Move to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud is more than taking an existing monolithic application and running it on Kubernetes. The way applications are developed, built, and deployed is radically changed, alongside business and operational processes. With these changes, the move to the cloud has been difficult for many. The community is continuing to advance, and new open source software projects such as Appsody, Codewind, and Kabanero address these obstacles head on to reduce complexity for individual developers and organizations. Come to this session to learn how developers and solution architects can benefit from these advancements and move to the cloud faster.

Here is a little video of appsody in action: