SpringOne 2019: Monsters and Metrics

Two things collided in my brain this year ahead of SpringOne: Preparing a new talk from scratch covering the Micrometer (and the related Spring implementation), and learning everything I needed to know to be a Dungeon Master for my 10-year-old son and his friends.

Thanks to a brilliant suggestion from a friend, these two things smashed together in the talk, too. Which lightened the mental load (or at least reduced the amount of full stack swapping going on).

Github repository: ebullient/monster-combat with Spring Boot 2, WebFlux, and Micrometer

And hooray! ;)

Metrics for the Win: Using Micrometer to Understand Application Behavior

Understanding application behavior is important in any environment. The most efficient way to observe application behavior relies on metrics, key/value pairs of numerical data. Micrometer provides collector-agnostic APIs to help developers define and gather application metrics. This session will explore the capabilities of Micrometer, including examples of meter types and integration with different collectors like Prometheus or StatsD. We’ll also explore how gathered data can be used in order to determine what should be measured.